I waited to meet my prince charming, says 'Mardaani' Rani Mukerji

Aug 22 2014, 05:57 IST
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SummaryRani Mukerji on her marriage, husband, cook, self-defence and her latest film Mardaani

With promotions of Mardaani in full swing, this is turning out to be quite a work-filled honeymoon for you. Has marriage sunk in yet?

Even if I forget, people keep reminding me of my marriage. We still have to leave for our honeymoon but it’ll have to be after the film’s release. I’m happy that Mardaani is my first release after marriage because I completely believe in the spirit of the film.

In your post-wedding note you mentioned that you always wanted a fairytale. Is married life also a fairytale?

Yes. The fairytale continues and I hope it does so till I die. I’ve always believed in having a great love story and I waited to meet my Prince Charming. The credit goes to my husband Adi (Aditya Chopra) for making it all come true. He’s a great soul, a wonderful human being and someone I really respect. It’s tough to get my respect since in this industry not many people are worthy of it. The world knows Adi as a great achiever, and a fantastic filmmaker but what is more important for me is that he’s a fair and good-hearted person. He’s the only producer who will give the biggest film to a director even if he has delivered a big flop.

You’ve known Adi closely for many years. Was there a particular moment when you felt that he’s The One?

You know, it’s quite strange. Before we even said it to each other, in our hearts we knew that we are meant to be together. During his speech at our wedding lunch, Adi said that he feels he was born to love me. Now he jokes that he said that because he writes love stories so I say to him, ‘Oh really?’ But in so many ways he has shown me that these are not just words for him. He calls me a ‘24-hour-entertainment channel.’ He says he doesn’t know what channel is running — comedy, action or drama.

Adi is the most reclusive person in the industry. Will we see more of him now that he’s married

to you?

(Laughs) No. He needs to be in his shell. Only I should be seen everywhere.

What’s the most significant change in your life after marriage?

Since Adi doesn’t live with his mother Pam Aunty (Pamela Chopra) I have to run the house. The biggest challenge is to tell the cook what to make everyday. After

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