Idol immersion further polluting Ganga water

Oct 26 2012, 17:23 IST
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Summary1,500 idols of Goddess Durga were immersed due to which 60,000 kgs of toxic material was discharged.

The state Pollution Control Board in Bihar would conduct a test of the Ganga water to ascertain level of contamination due to immersion of thousands of idols in the city containing toxic synthetic materials and paints.

According to estimates of different environmental groups, around 1,500 idols of Goddess Durga were immersed in the Ganga due to which more than 60,000 kg of toxic material, including thousand kgs of lead and non bio-degradable stuff, were discharged in the river.

The River Ganga is already contaminated due to discharge of city wastes and industrial refuse.

The Board's Chairman Subhas Chand Singh said on Friday, “Out of faith people prefer to immerse idols in sacred River Ganga but due to use of toxic materials nowadays in the idols its water is getting further polluted.”

He said sample of river water was being collected to assess the level of pollution after immersions.

Pollution Board's scientist Navin Kumar said, “Huge quantity of toxic paints and other synthetic materials are used nowadays to give a fancy touch to the idols. Plaster of Paris is opted more than the natural soil in the process. These are adding up pollution level of the water.”

Noted environmentalist R K Sinha, popularly known as the “Dolphin man” said time has come to think of some alternative venues for immersion of idols as it is further polluting Ganga.

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