I'm indestructible, says Shah Rukh Khan

Aug 21 2013, 16:52 IST
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Shah Rukh Khan: I want to be carried away in pieces and I want someone's life to be touched by every part of my life. Shah Rukh Khan: I want to be carried away in pieces and I want someone's life to be touched by every part of my life.
SummaryRiding high on the success of Chennai Express Shah Rukh says I know something about the business.

"I'm indestructible. I'm invincible". As far as movie quotes go, it's a doozy. But this isn't a movie quote. It comes from an arm's length away from the greatest superstar to walk the planet - Shah Rukh Khan.

He is exactly where he wants to be - on his third floor library of Mannat Annexe, where he finds peace and tranquility. One of the greatest creation stories of modern Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is devoid of ego.

He gets up and greets me with a smile. I've read about the actor since I was in school - in newspapers, magazines, seen him on television, and met him in London several times and in Mannat in 2008. But what is it that I still don't know about Shah Rukh?

What is it that the actor still hasn't confessed about? He's told his story before but it's worth telling again, if only because it's never really ended. Gone is the youthful icon of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.

The reinvented Khan has gone blockbuster crazy with his new outing - Chennai Express. Once about licence, fame is now about virtue and what makes one of the world's biggest name in entertainment different from his peers, however, is not the grandeur of his ambition or the purity of his soul but the fact that when you talk to him, he seems like a good guy.

And let me tell you this - Good guys are indestructible. They are invincible.

In what goes down as the best interview of my career and a record breaking one too (1 hour with SRK) I present you Part 1 of the three part special on the man who is happy being human than calling himself a superstar. I present you Shah Rukh Khan as never heard before.

With over two decades in the Hindi Film Industry, how do you keep sustaining?

I'm indestructible and indestructible things don't sustain themselves (laughs). I'm invincible. But I'll be honest - if you start looking at the exterior appreciation or the peripheral aspects of your work as the main mover for your job, like - X amount of business or Y amount of critical appraisal, Z amount of chat about new comers, etc it's not going to work. If you've been at a job for twenty years, you'll know what I'm getting at. But I don't talk about my relationship with acting. I'm

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