Indian travellers stay away from healthy holidays: survey

Oct 04 2013, 13:30 IST
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A survey has illustrated that travellers can't help but indulge themselves on holiday. A survey has illustrated that travellers can't help but indulge themselves on holiday.
SummaryDespite holidaymaker's intention to focus on health, vacations are still largely times of abandon.

Indian travellers claim to be focused on their physical and mental health while on vacation, but stay away from healthy holidays, reveals a travel survey.

TripAdvisor in its 'Health and Fitness on Holiday survey', said though 73 per cent respondents said they take the opportunity on holiday to focus on mental or physical wellbeing or both, only 20 per cent respondents have ever taken a holiday focused on their health.

The survey highlights that despite holidaymaker’s intention to focus on mental and physical health, vacations are still largely times of abandon and not regulation.

“Some findings from our survey indicate that travellers do aspire to be healthy on vacation. For example, 41 per cent respondents claim they take the opportunity to focus on physical health on holiday and 66 per cent are saying that eating healthy is important to them on vacation,” said Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India.

“But habits of majority of the respondents illustrate that travellers can’t help but indulge themselves on holiday,” Ganju added.

Food habits reveal that Indian travellers do intend to, and were making an effort to maintain their diet or opt for healthier options on holiday. But in the spirit of the holidays, a significant segment still gave in to indulgence, the survey said.

A whopping 66 per cent of respondents claimed eating healthy is important to them on vacation. But despite the claim, a substantial 46 per cent confessed to eating less healthy on holiday.

Dieting and vacations don't seem to get along also as the survey found 23 per cent respondent stopped a diet they were on, during vacation. Only 14% said they either started or managed to maintain a diet on their holiday.

Vice is nice on holiday

The TripAdvisor survey also found that for most Indians, vacations seem to offer the opportunity to further indulge or give in to their vices, as:

* More than half or 57% of those who drink concede to drinking more on holiday then they do at home

* 43% of regular smokers smoke more on holiday; also, 7% non-smokers admit they take to the habit while vacationing.

'Work-out’ not 'working out' is also the for most holidaymakers. According to the survey, 71% respondents affirmed that fitness facilities are rarely or never a consideration when choosing holiday accommodation. This alone is enough indication of travellers’ enthusiasm towards exercising during holiday.

Guilt-free holidays

Holidaymakers may see their vacations as a break from any rules of routine, so irrespective

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