iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S: Will Indians bite?

Sep 15 2013, 13:38 IST
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iPhone poll result. iPhone poll result.
SummaryApple Inc believes it has pulled off a coup and beaten back Samsung. But what does the public think?

The Tim Cook-led Apple Inc unveiled iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S after having hyped-up the gadgets massively. Now that they are in the market, the conversation amongst interested parties, has climaxed over its features, price and even availability.

But what of the iPhone lovers? Were they impressed? After all, they are used to nothing but the best, having been spoiled endlessly by the premium, mind-blowing products effortlessly conjured up by that tech wizard, Steve Jobs (RIP).

With both the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S yet to hit shops, 'The Financial Express' online conducted a poll and it threw up a non-success with 52 per cent saying they were not at all impressed while 40 per cent felt otherwise and the rest could not decide one way or the other.

The reason? Pricing, to start with and a smaller display screen as compared to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Indians love their phones to be as big as they can be without hurting the comfort factor in the hand, but they should not breach the 'ugliness' quotient. However, Apple Inc remained true to Steve Jobs, who once said, A phone, whether smart or unique, should fit in pocket and your thumb should do the dancing.

Samsung Electronics' smartphones have larger display screens and better music quality and they are not tied down by any restrictions which Apple Inc imposes on its buyers.

On the other hand, die-hard Apple fans believe iPhone is a special smartphone, with all you dream about - display doesn't matter as most special things almost always come in small packets.

It is also pertinent to mention here that iPhone 5C will not be available in US but in Asian countries viz China, and eventually, India too.... So, be ready for long queues!


Having said that, Apple Inc has shifted its stance somewhat, eyeing emerging markets. Jagdish Singh Chopra, Senior system administrator at IBM says, There was a time when Apple Inc used to unveil only one quality product targeted for advanced users, but now they have shifted their focus to amateur users too. Idea is good but shifting gears so fast can never help you grow.

On the other hand, Sunil Kumar, Marketing professional based in New Delhi says, If you are judging an iPhone on the basis of display screen and price, then I must tell you, though Apple Inc makes smartphones, it does not do so for everyone. In

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