'It's not about controlling social media, it's about agreeing that there are certain rules of the game'

Aug 05 2013, 09:24 IST
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Anant Goenka, Manish Tewari, Arun Jaitley, Sagarika Ghose and Seema Chishti during the debate on July 23. Anant Goenka, Manish Tewari, Arun Jaitley, Sagarika Ghose and Seema Chishti during the debate on July 23.
SummaryExcerpts from the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism debate on using and dealing with social media

A GROUP of panellists debated ďwhoís afraid of social mediaĒ during the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards function on July 23.

Full text of CJI Sathasivam's speech at RNG Awards

Head of New Media in The Indian Express Anant Goenka, MoS (independent charge) for I&B Manish Tewari, Leader of the Opposition (Rajya Sabha) Arun Jaitley, Law and Communications & IT Minister Kapil Sibal, India Today Editor-in-Chief Arun Poorie, and Centre for the Study of Developing Societies Senior Fellow and Manushi Editor Madhu Kishwar were the panellists in the debate, moderated by CNN-IBN Deputy Editor Sagarika Ghose and The Indian Express Consulting Editor Seema Chishti. Excerpts:

Sagarika Ghose: Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards debate. The topic this evening is ďWhoís afraid of social media?Ē My first question to Kapil Sibal. Youíve had some run-ins with social media. Last year there was a time when you actually confronted service providers like Facebook, like Google, about certain content that was being uploaded. Do you feel that as member of the government, as a politician, you still havenít made your peace with social media?

Kapil Sibal: Personally, I donít think social media should bother anybody. Itís a phenomenon that is here and it is an entirely new phenomenon. I donít think weíve fully understood the enormity of the power of the media. On the one hand, itís a platform which is enormously empowering because itís a source of information. On the other hand, the very same medium is bigoted. Itís a medium which can destroy, itís a medium that can spread anarchy. So itís constructive and destructive at the same time, evocative and depressing at the same time. I donít think that we should be against or for it... We have understood the importance of this medium on totalitarian regimes. But can it change democracy? Thatís the question we need to ask ourselves. In the times of social media, a debate on its pros and cons

Seema Chishti: Iíd like to draw in Mr Arun Jaitley to this. Do you think social media can or should be regulated? Shouldnít it be celebrated that it can be anarchic, that it can cock a snook at the establishment, that it can give somebody who is an absolutely nobody a voice? Should

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