Jai Durga

Aug 08 2013, 02:00 IST
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SummaryGiven how genuine her case is, it’s amazing the causeratti has missed out on Durga Shakti

IAS officials across the country can take heart. Those complaining of being left in the lurch by their political masters, especially after the way IAS officials have got caught up in various telecom cases—one even spent several months in jail—now have new saviours. After the young Durga Shakti Nagpal was sought to be done in by the Uttar Pradesh government for going after the sand-mining mafia—a weak case was made out for her having disturbed the communal peace by demolishing of a wall of an illegal mosque coming up—her cause has been taken up by all manner of political parties. The Samajwadi Party’s arch-rival in Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati’s BSP has come out in support of her and Punjab’s deputy chief minister said he was willing to give her a job in his state, that she could revert to the Punjab cadre if she wished.

While the Centre has understandably backed down after appearing to take a tough stance—the SP’s support is needed for critical Bills—it is striking the India Gate/Jantar Mantar causeratti hasn’t taken up the Durga Shakti case, more so since the facts are so overwhelmingly in her favour. When there is soul-searching, chances are this will be labelled a big lost PR opportunity. Meanwhile, it is heart-warming, isn’t it, how the country comes together on such important causes?

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