Japanese Perspectives on India Japan relations: Blooming to Unleash Asia's Potential

Mar 20 2014, 19:07 IST
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SummaryIndia Japan relations seem to be attracting many audiences, including Japanese cos, Japanese people towards India.

Japanese People Sharing their perspectives on India Japan relations Convey as a new found interest in each other countries; India Japan relations seem to be attracting many audiences, including Japanese companies, Japanese people towards India; and ASEAN partners. Be it for commercial or for volunteer and cultural activities; there has been significant upsurge of interest on India Japan blooming relations. In this article let’s take look how Japanese people view India and India Japan relations. This article is based on conversations with Japanese people who are actively involved in India related work and study; Though generally it is very rare to share their perspectives in a dialogue session, but when it comes to India topic recently there is positive atmosphere in japan and apart from wanting to know more on India; people are willing to share Candid Views and also there is an interest to know, How 2014 election result will turn out for the India Japan relations, in other words will there be change or impact on India Japan relations.

Perspectives on Ever Green India-Japan relations: An Historical foundation

Many Japanese experts actively share their comments on historical foundation for India Japan relations.

The relationship between India and Japan has been peaceful and strong for several decades. Both countries have made best efforts to strengthen the relationship between the countries. When Japanese Prime Minister was made the guest of honor at the Republic Day celebrations in 2014, it reiterated the fact that India persuades a closer relationship with Japan. This has seen an increase in the strengthening of India-Japan relations across various sectors – government as well as on-government.

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The engagement between the two countries deepened with the “Strategic and Global Partnership” between India and Japan that was unveiled in 2007. Buddhism was the main force that connected India and Japan way back from the sixth century. Bodhisena, the Indian monk, went to Japan during the early part of the seventh century to spread Buddhism and spent his remaining life in Japan till 760. A natural sense of affinity between the two Asian nations developed as Indian culture had an impact on the Japanese culture. Due to the strong link of Buddhism between the two countries, there were many travelers between India and Japan. There were scholars from Japan who attended the Nalanda University in India.

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