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Oct 27 2013, 02:18 IST
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SummaryThis one won’t have Robert De Niro driving you around, but Taxii Bar and Kitchen’s sumptuous spread will make your journey a ride to remember

Having a selection of favourite restaurants can be quite similar to having a preferred cab service. You stick to them because you know their service is good, consistent and will get you where you want to be, whether to a destination or a state of bliss. So when we heard about Gurgaon’s Taxii Bar and Kitchen, we decided to go along for the ride.

Located in a mall (it is Gurgaon after all), the restaurant itself is small and compact, garbed in black and grey, and split into a mezzanine. The bar is located right in front of the entrance; its cheerfully lit-up display of bottles and quirky car number-plates being a welcome sight for travellers who’ve had to journey the weary length of an escalator. Since it’s lunchtime on an early weekday, the place is relatively empty and we ascend to the upper level to sit and survey our temporary domain.

On browsing the menu, we find that it’s a mix of European and American food, with an emphasis on the latter. This translates into a wide selection of barbeque items including pork ribs and five different kinds of chicken wings and burgers apart from Continental offerings such as pastas, Shepherd’s Pie and fish and chips.

Remembering the ancient Stark words of “winter is coming” and the even more ancient words of our Class IV science teacher (“eat more meat in winter”) we start with the Tenderloin Polpettes with Mozarella and Sun-dried Tomatoes and the Prawn and Chorizo with Harissa. The poplettes or meatballs are slightly flattened discs of medium rare beef embellished with a melted layer of mozzarella and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. The meatballs are tender with a robust marinade and disappear down our mouths faster than Criss Angel on a good day. The prawns and chorizo are equally riveting, comprising alternate pieces of chunky chorizo and curled up prawns, skewered and dripping with a harissa sauce. The spicy sausage and sweetish shellfish combine with the harissa beguilingly and are put away with equal efficiency. Sheesh kebab indeed.

Having heard a lot of good things about the burgers, we decide to stick to that section for our mains and go with the Brisket Burger with Bourbon Whiskey done to our favorite bloody shade of medium rare. The burger, when it arrives, is enormous and accompanied by lavish servings of potato wedges, onion rings and salad. The patty is juicy and tender and

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