Judge rejects Apple plea to ban Samsung phones

Dec 19 2012, 02:53 IST
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SummaryA federal judge has rejected Apple Incs demands that its chief rival in the more than $100 billion global smartphone market cease selling models a jury recently found illegally used Apple technology.

of computer hard drives.

The judge said Samsung had the ability to investigate whether Hogan was biased toward Samsung before trial started because the company's lawyer possessed Hogan's bankruptcy file, which included the lawsuit. She said Samsung objected too late to Hogans joining the jury.

What changed between Samsungs initial decision not to pursue questioning, or investigation of Mr. Hogan, and Samsungs later decision to investigate was simple: the jury found against Samsung, and made a very large damages award, the judge ruled.

Koh still has before her several other legal demands from both companies. Apple is seeking to increase the award while Samsung is asking for a decrease in damages or a new trial.

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