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Nov 17 2012, 09:45 IST
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SummaryIncreasing complexities of high-rise living has led to the rise of facility management professionals.

adhere to a code of conduct, such as no hanging clothes in the balcony, provide proper drain channels for flower pots, parking only in designated spots, no honking, no installation of air conditioners in spots other than those designated, no washing the balcony etc.

There are other guidelines in place to prevent any structural damage and inconvenience to the resident who shares a wall or a slab with another. At GurgaonOne, the residents have come together to have a system of fines for violations. “It requires a proactive approach from the residents and constant engagement for the whole initiative to succeed,” says Sahani.

It is not so easy changing mindsets, always. “In older properties, we have had resistance from residents. Many do not adhere to the rules they themselves signed. In extreme cases of non-cooperation, we had to pack up,” says Samuel.

The other plus point of having your building looking as good as new is the appreciation potential that places it a notch higher than others in the neighbourhood. “As long as we were managing a housing complex in Mumbai, it was a prized asset. The day residents decided to take matters into their own hands, the property no longer commands the same value,” says Samuel.

With buildings increasingly turning into complex mechanical entities, it may be not be a bad idea to let it be cared for by competent hands. If you are willing to pay extra to outsource the mundane, then having a Jeeves around isn’t a bad deal at all.


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