Lenovo Ideapad A10 Quick-Read Review: Android is just not ready for the laptop

Apr 09 2014, 13:42 IST
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The Lenovo IdeaPad A10 costs Rs 19,990 The Lenovo IdeaPad A10 costs Rs 19,990
SummaryThe question really is whether Android can be a good laptop OS, not whether Lenovo Ideapad A10 can be a good laptop.

A10 performs admirably. The only time it starts stuttering is when you ask it to multi-task extensively. Switch on a music player, fire up a browser, and try talking on a chat program at the same timewith frequent back-and-forth between the apps, the A10 will start lagging.

Connectivity: The Ideapad A10 worked with Wi-Fi perfectly well, but we didnt have the same luck with a Reliance and a Tata Photon dongle in one of the USB ports. Internet usage, it seems, is all about Wi-Fi here.

Memory: By default, the Ideapad A10 comes with 16GB of storage, but you can expand this with a microSD card. Plus, as noted earlier, there are the USB ports to add a hard drive or a pen drive, both of which worked well in our tests.

Software: Lenovo has customised the Android interface to make it more friendly for laptops, including a dock at the bottom which houses all your open apps, looking much like the Windows Taskbar. The familiar Android notifications bar has stayed on top, but in this large-screen interface, that ends up taking valuable real estate without adding much to the experiencea smaller notification tray in the aforementioned dock would have made more sense. Apart from these and other small customisations, its pretty much the same old Android you know.

But software is the Ideapad A10s big failing because its the same old Android. Android just doesnt work well enough as a desktop or laptop interface, so you are left with a half-baked solution that doesnt really give you all the power that Windows would. Whats more, it also doesnt give you all the awesome bits about using Android since the screen is not detachable.

Battery: The Ideapad A10 has pretty good battery life, lasting for about 10-12 hours of regular usage, and going strong for 6 hours in our continuous video playback test.

Verdict: The question really is whether Android can be a good laptop OS, not whether the Lenovo Ideapad A10 can be a good laptop. And with Android failing on that front, its difficult to recommend the A10. Right now, youd be better off buying a good Windows netbook or maybe even a Chromebook.

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