Lenovo S860 quick-read review: Good battery and looks but not as good as K900

May 29 2014, 17:05 IST
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Lenovo S860 is priced at Rs 19,999 in India. Lenovo S860 is priced at Rs 19,999 in India.
SummaryLenovo S860 is the newest contender for the 20k crown, but is it worth that price?

positive side, the S860's camera takes sharp photos with a good amount of detail, and especially shines in accurate colour reproduction. Video recording is smooth too and the microphone does not pick up too much ambient noise. But the big negative is the autofocus.

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The S860 takes too long to focus on any image, but does not compensate for that by slowing down the shutter—the result is that out of every five photos I took, three were out of focus. If you are posing and taking photos, the Lenovo S860 is great. But if you plan on taking a quick photo of a candid moment, then forget about it, all you will get is a blurry, indecipherable image.

Storage: There's 16GB of internal memory with ample room for all your apps, games and media, so unless you never clean that up, it should be sufficient. Power users, the lack of a microSD card slot might just be a deal-breaker for you.

Software: The interface of the S860 is exactly like the previously reviewed Lenovo Vibe Z. The same rounded edges at the top, the same horizontally-scrolling multi-tasking pane that you can't use with one hand, the same weird design choices. I've already said that Android does not need custom interfaces any more, and especially not something like the S860. It makes Android ugly to use.

Battery: Where the Lenovo S860 far supercedes its competitors is the battery life. The 4000mAh battery will easily last for a day of even heavy usage. The tests clocked continuous video playback at 16 hours, Wi-Fi browsing on Chrome at 9 hours, and an overall time on average usage of 28 hours. It's a winner for the battery!

Verdict: So the big question, should you buy the Lenovo S860? Unfortunately, it's a no. And the reason for that is that Lenovo's former flagship phone, the Lenovo K900, has dropped its price to the same level as the S860. The K900 is a better phone in every aspect except battery and should be the one you go for.

If the Lenovo K900 isn't available, then Indian manufacturers like Micromax have better phones at the same price. But if you want an international manufacturer, your choice comes down to either the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 or the Lenovo S860. In that, it's a matter of what you want: performance

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