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Nov 13 2013, 01:32 IST
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THIS refers to the prime ministers address at the conference organised by the CBI. At a time when the investigating agency seems keen to emerge from the Centres shadow, the PMs advice that the CBI should be more careful while investigating policy matters is not likely to make much of an impression on the caged parrot. There is no evidence to show that the CBI has impeded policy. On the contrary, it seems clear that the Centre has used the agency to its own ends. Through most its existence, the CBI has not questioned government policy. When it pursued high profile cases like 2G and the coal allocation controversy, it was at the instance of the Supreme Court.

V.S. Jayaraman


APROPOS Manmohan to CBI

Dont call it crime if no evidence of wrongdoing (IE, November 11), the PM has finally explained his decision on coal block allocations. He took a position and also spoke of the complexity of policy decisions. This is the best way for the PM to make a case for himself. He was not allowed to do so in Parliament since the opposition and sections of his own party have held the last few sessions hostage. Now, the PM has made his case not only to the CBI but to the entire country. If he got the chance to express himself more often, it would help the UPA in the next election.

Dhaval Trivedi


Missing in action

THIS refers to the editorial Delhis abdication (IE, November 12). Whether it is failing to combat cross-border terrorism from Pakistan and incursions from China or the recent decision to skip the CHOGM, the UPAs mishandling of foreign affairs has become evident. Currently, Indias foreign policy is going through a rough patch, with hostile neighbours like Pakistan and China increasing their influence in South Asia. Our poorly articulated judgements have turned neighbours hostile. The PMs skipping the CHOGM summit has sent out the wrong message about the Central governments authority. It may give other nations at the CHOGM an opportunity to fuel discontent against India.

Gaurav Pant


Stamp of approval

BY ISSUING a stamp in honour of Sachin Tendulkar, the government is making an exception for the second time. The only other time they honoured a living legend was a stamp in 1980 for Mother Teresa. But who knows what Sachin Tendulkar will be doing in future? If he gets into controversies, will the government

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