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Nov 14 2012, 03:20 IST
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SummaryKejriwal is doing a yeoman service by exposing corruption, scams, scandals one after the other.

A valuable service

Kejriwal is doing a yeoman service by exposing corruption, scams, scandals one after the other. His latest exposure of revealing the names of influential industrialists and politicians who allegedly stashed money in Swiss banks deserves serious attention and investigation. At least the government should get a list of Indians who have huge deposits, say more than R100 crore, in Swiss banks. It is ironic that a country where the level of corruption is very low is helping corrupt people of other countries to deposit in their banks.

It requires enormous courage and conviction to fight against mighty and influential politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats. Earlier an impression was created by IAC team that their fight is against the ruling combine only. They made a welcome departure by exposing corruption irrespective of political affiliations. People should give wholehearted support and help to the work and activities of Kejriwal & team and also help them in more and more exposures. They should also start a campaign to isolate and socially boycott the corrupt and crooked. Our attitude towards the corrupt over the years has also played a pivotal role in spreading the virus. Our moral value had gone down to such an extent that we eulogise the rich (irrespective of the means of earning money) and brand the honest people as fools and idiots who are unable to amass ill gotten wealth. Mounting published pressure coupled with social boycott will force at least some people to introspect their dealings. This will gradually reduce the temptation for amassing wealth by unscrupulous means. This is a golden opportunity to show to the whole world that in the largest democracy of the world ultimate power lies with the people and not in the hands of handful politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats. This will herald the beginning of good people joining politics which was hitherto considered by them as a synonym of all dirty tricks and a profession unfit for men of principles. Let us show to the whole world that largest democracy is also the democracy of the world.

EM Adithyan


Corruption country

This is regarding anti-corruption activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal’s regular allegations against corruption or surreptitious deals involving politicians and others. Some may be true or some false. In his latest, he says "Ambanis & others have funds abroad" (FE, November 10). He has targeted multinational bank HSBC, accusing it of money laundering. But unless we

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