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Apr 18 2014, 03:32 IST
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SummaryThis is with reference to the article ‘Can’t afford low growth’ (FE, April 14).

Growth recovery needed

This is with reference to the article ‘Can’t afford low growth’ (FE, April 14). The title though hackneyed is still the sword hanging over the next government which will have to deliver on this front immediately on coming to power. Credible action and sound policies are the road map to this aim. Although both Sensex and Nifty have touched record highs and the rupee a record low in months on hopes a Narendra Modigovernment, growth in other key sectors remains stalled. Manufacturing sector remains a concern while the proposed doubling of gas prices, needed or not, is a ticking bomb waiting to derail the economy. Coal India’s monopoly continues despite repeated warnings to let coal players enter, which sadly was marred by corruption and led to Coalgate. Air India continues to be subjected to babudom and endless poking in its running, becoming a drain on our money. FDI in retail which would have led to better storage facilities and back-end management has been put off the burner due to elections. Telecom sector can finally breathe a sigh of relief after being mercilessly milked in auctions. As if all this was not enough, policy flip-flops and retrospective acts pursued vigorously by the taxman have created an image of the Indian taxpayer running around scot-free while the wealthy corporate gets taxed.

Our income tax system needs massive overhaul to detect leakages and bring those evaders under the net rather than burdening the honest ones.Overall all this has led to a potent mix of low growth. Our economy needs to be back up and get running because now we are bleeding. We just cannot afford low growth any more.

Gaurav Gupta

New Delhi

Scion-rise, or scion-set?

In his column "In a tearing Hurry-ana" (FE,Apr 11) Shekhar Gupta has said that the writing on the wall is clear. With winnability becoming their aim, Congress candidates may have dropped pictures of Sonia and Rahul. And the question that is being raised is 'Why Rahul is not catching the fancy of India's youth?' Is it because of the gap between what he is saying and what is on his younger audience's minds? Is he late in waking up to what the country wants? Or, is it because there are so many other promising young leaders? When he took UP in the last state elections, Akhilesh Yadav stole the show. Then it could be because of the lack of

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