LG 32 LN5650 LED TV: Great view

Aug 08 2013, 12:18 IST
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SummaryIts sharp image and vivid colour output provide an enjoyable viewing experience

When it comes to display size, the majority just wants more —on mobile phones, televisions or laptops. But big can cause a headache too, especially televisions when you are sitting in front of them for prolonged periods and at a short viewing distance. This is because the larger the television screen, the more your eyes move. This in turn may cause eye strain, which is a source of headache.

Small can be beautiful too! After all, quite a few of us have grown up watching classic Doordarshan entertainment—Hum Log, Buniyaad, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, Ramayan, Mahabharat—on the 21-inch small screen. Recently, the South Korean electronics company, LG Electronics sent across their 32-inch LED TV for a review. Nowadays when consumers and vendors prefer larger display, the LG TV brought back a taste of the past. The world’s leading TV producer, which also manufactures various other gadgets including laptops, multimedia players and home cinema systems, combines the latest in style and technology to offer some of the most innovative televisions and its 32 LN5650 LED TV is testimony to that.

Pulling the TV from its box revealed a relatively slim machine, outlining a minimalist design. Here’s my first reaction when I played National Geographic channel via my TataSky on the LG LED TV—it’s superb high-definition and in your face. The setup too is simple. The LN5650’s succinct design strikes a nice aesthetic, and looks good on its stand or mounted on a wall.

The LG TV’s most eye-catching feature is its panel. Just as the quality of the beans determines the quality of the coffee, the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV. The IPS (in-plane switching, a screen technology used for TVs) panel used by LG is the reason why its LED TVs have clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens. In the case of the LN5650, the IPS offers a colour impression that is most identical to that of the original image. The colours are quite comfortable for the eyes.

Among liquid crystal display panels, it is visibly clear that IPS shows the most consistent colour and contrast from all angles. Free from colour wash and contrast loss, it is the ideal panel for all purposes. IPS is decidedly superior to the competing panels in the clarity of its pictures during fast motion display, allowing blur-free, crystal-clear pictures. IPS panels are stable and sturdy, and resistant to damage, as opposed to

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