LG L90 review: A good mid-segment smartphone

May 03 2014, 15:16 IST
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LG L90 is priced at Rs 17,499. LG L90 is priced at Rs 17,499.
SummaryKnocking on heaven's door: LG L90's design and build as impressive as technology under its hood.

could have bargained for. This reviewer finished watching an entire season of Person of Interest without complaining about the colours or pixel density. He wish he could say the same about the speakers, but the audio output seems to be at a frequency lower than the human hearing range.

We weren’t expecting a state of the art, surround sound Dolby speakers, but we weren’t expecting two mini matchbox strips, with holes poked in, to be passed on as speakers either. Another complaint that we have against the L90 is its bundled earphones. They look like one of those things that people from the millennia buried inside a time capsule for future generations to discover. The L90 earphones can be best described as two oversized plastic heads without eyes, ears, nose and mouth. They are simply not designed for the human ear. They need to be superglued to stop them from slipping out of the earhole.

The L90 is powered by the latest Android OS, the 4.4 KitKat. The OS and the phone’s hardware appear to be in perfect sync, running applications seamlessly, but expect the phone to hang when you try to lock the screen.

Other notable features are the 8 GB internal memory and the 8 MP camera. The L90 also comes with a dedicated button for switching between sim cards. Overall, the L90 makes a good mid-segment smartphone. If the Rs 17,499 price feels heavier on the purse you can always fallback on the L70, a phone with almost the same configuration but .2 inch smaller in size.

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