Lok Sabha elections: IT leaders bet big on Infosys ex-top honchos Nandan Nilekani, V Balakrishnan

Apr 08 2014, 13:39 IST
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'Nandan has been an inspirational leader. His life, professional and personal experiences have prepared him to be a parliamentarian.' (AP) 'Nandan has been an inspirational leader. His life, professional and personal experiences have prepared him to be a parliamentarian.' (AP)
SummaryNandan Nilekani fighting Lok Sabha elections as a Congressman while V Balakrishnan is AAP candidate.

their road to becomingparliamentarians, have triggered hopes across the industry.

Wiproexecutive director and chief financial officer Suresh Senapaty says the role played by the IT sector on the economy has been significant and now both the IT leaders can use it to their and the country's advantage.

"Over the last 2 decades, the Indian IT Industry has been a sterling example of Indian companies differentiating in the global arena and creating truly global brand for themselves and the country," he said.

The IT sector effect on the Indian economy has been huge.

"The impact of the industry in India is clear for all to see 8 per cent of National GDP, largest private sector employer with about 3.1 million employees...The government too has played its role in boosting the competitiveness of this sector through tax incentives and operational freedom," said Senapaty.

"Both Nandan and Bala draw origin of their identity from this sector. They have participated in the IT industrys journey demonstrating the power of technology solutions to improve productivity and transparency for customer organizations, and, in the process, establishing the industry's global leadership.

"They have now taken on a new challenge on wanting to apply the same principles on the political arena they bring to the table a high degree of social consciousness, a need to drive change, improve the governance and above all, uplift the lowest strata of society," Senapaty said, while clarifying that this is his personal view.

MindTree chief Krishnakumar Natarajan, who is also chairman of NASSCOM, feels that both Nilekani and Balakrishnan can educate the government better on the benefits of technology adoption and boost the domestic market's prospects.

"With the presence of individuals like Nandan Nilekani and Balakrishnan in the poll fray, it is clear that more professionals are wanting to take on a hands on role and this augurs well for the Industry.

"If they are elected, I feel that they will be in a position to educate the Govt on the benefits of the Industry- Job creation, nonpolluting, Global markets etc and this will help the Industry compete in the Global market more effectively. Also they will push for adoption of technology in the domestic market and that will drive productivity and transparency in a big way," Natarajan says.

Ganesh Murthy, Chief Financial Officer, HP-controlled MphasiS Ltd, is happy that two leaders with proven capabilities have a shot to change India's fortunes."I feel that it is

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