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SummaryIt was very heartening to read Anil Kapoor’s interview in the Screen issue dated Jan 4-10.

The dream merchant

It was very heartening to read Anil Kapoor’s interview in the Screen issue dated Jan 4-10. He is indeed one of the most versatile actors in the industry. He retains his youthful charm, and his repertoire has only become more interesting with the passage of time. A big screen star, he has no qualms venturing into television. My family and I are eagerly waiting to watch his television series 24. Not only has the actor made an imprint in Bollywood, but also is gaining recognition abroad. It will be interesting to see him essay the role of real life cop Isaaq Bhagwan in the film Shootout at Wadala. I wish the actor luck in all his future ventures.

Tara Asok | Mumbai

Wake up films, TV

The highly indecent formats of ‘item songs’ in Indian films seems to be creating a wrong impression of women among youth from the semi urban areas.

Most item songs portray a scantily clad girl surrounded by rogues; the dances mostly border on vulgarity. Moreover, in most of the films, we see heroines being eve-teased and roughed up by the 40-year-old hero in the first half of the film, and later shown falling for his supposed macho charm in the second half.

Television serials too have also propagated the perfect Indian woman as being meek and suffering abuses from the men in her life. Such frivolous portrayal of women is misconstrued by those especially from semi urban areas as they are generally deprived of a healthy interaction with the other gender.

It’s high time that films and television show the Indian women taking charge of her life, and having little tolerance to abuse of any kind. The power of the visual medium should be used constructively.

Praveen. S. Shetty | Mangalore

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