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Dec 06 2013, 13:11 IST
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The Hunger Games The Hunger Games
SummaryGamers can have an endless run with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Panem, however there is a snag a technical one!

The Hunger Games book and film franchise is extremely popular. So much so that the makers recently launched a free, endless running game for iOS and android users called The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Panem. Developed by Reliance games, the player has to choose between a male or female character, before running through a variety of districts, while avoiding one obstacle after another in the free run. The player progresses from one district to another, while dodging, jumping and smashing through obstacles. On the way, the player has to collect coins, additional bonuses, sparks and resources in order to advance ahead and empower your district. The sparks and other resource materials collected during the marathon can be synthesised as power-ups. On the main menu, the player can choose between single player free run or competing against another player on the online competition. You can also connect your Facebook account to add more competitors on the list. There is another interesting angle, where by running through three of the 12 available districts in randomly generated levels will give additional hope to the oppressed citizens of the districts in the form of special rewards. There is a global leader board where several gamers are constantly competing against each other to make it to the top slot of the list.

Now, it is simple for any gaming enthusiast to understand that the game does not present anything new. Since the success of Temple Run, every other developer is busy making an endless running game, making it one of the most downloaded genre on iOS and android. Compared to the other ones available in the store, The Hunger Games... has an extremely slow game play. There are a few technical glitches, especially when the player jumps or slides down to avoid an obstacle. Some users might even find a lag while swiping to hit the arrow. There are times when the running path bends and the character runs at an angle or curve, which confuses the player and ruins your judgement on dodging obstacles. If you are a hardcore fan of Temple Run, then this game might leave you further confused as you have to swipe to move sideways, instead of tilting. On the brighter side, the game has great graphics and a good background score. The districts are well designed, which adds a lot to the overall presentation of the game. As

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