MERC puts 300 units cap from RInfra to TPC

Aug 23 2012, 11:43 IST
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SummaryHowever, the regulator noted the restriction shall not apply to pending applications for changeover.

Maharashtra electricity regulator MERC in an order today said consumer migration from Reliance Infrastructure (RInfra) to Tata Power will be allowed only for residential customers using up to 300 units a month.

"Consumer changeover will be allowed from RInfra to Tata Power only for the residential category of consumers and that too only for the consumers who consume electricity up to 300 units a month," Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) said in the order.

RInfra had filed a petition before MERC seeking relief on account of certain issues affecting its customer base and financial viability due to switchover by consumers to Tata Power Company (TPC).

"The Commission has come to the conclusion that there is a need to intervene in the manner of changeover and switchover of consumers, as being undertaken by the parties.

"There is a need to calibrate the migration of consumers from one licensee to another, to ensure a level- playing field and also to protect the interests of low-end consumers being supplied electricity in the common area of supply between RInfra and TPC," the order said.

"For identifying the target segment for consumer changeover, only those residential category consumers whose average monthly consumption over the previous 12 months is up to 300 units a month, shall be eligible to changeover from RInfra to TPC."

However, the regulator noted the restriction shall not apply to pending applications for changeover, irrespective of consumer category and consumption slab, which will be processed as per the earlier protocol approved in the interim order dated October 15, 2009 and changeover for eligible consumers shall be done in a smooth manner.

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