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Feb 09 2014, 01:56 IST
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SummaryThe extremely high pace of change in the world of business has inflated the micro-bino-teles metaphor.

The extremely high pace of change in the world of business has inflated the micro-bino-teles metaphor. You may well ask, whatís this esoteric gibberish? Actually, itís the most practical instrument to apply if you want to sustain in your business.

In the past, time would buffer whatever business leadership you may have achieved, allowing you to savour the top rung for a while before somebody else finally caught up. Not any longer. You are a leader today, and just tomorrow, you can be nudged out to become a follower, the day after, your business may collapse. The luxury of having processes, brand, money, machines and people does not bring stability enough to sustain profitable business. The diktat used to be that the West ideates and developed countries ride in its ferris wheel. Domineering power houses of business were never questioned. But suddenly, developing countries are upping the temperature, including Asian dragons bellowing fire from the nostrils by excelling in manufacturing and services. The furnace of digital heat has never been so active before.

So if you try to accomplish your short-term objective with truncated processes, youíll produce a skeleton. Devoid of living substance, skeletons become fossils. Micro is your answer here. The microscope magnifies details for you to manage short-term business exceptionally well. Happenings of the world are not taking place in your boardroom or operational area, but totally outside. Donít point the microscope to your internal lab to find short-term happiness over performance thatís not benchmarked. Rather, aim it to the marketplace. Youíll find umpteen things to dissect or identify under the microscope lens. The magnified view may so surprise you as to encourage you to fill your short-term with succulent flesh, thereby avoiding being fossilised.

Simultaneously, to evade sinking in the mid-term, you have to carry the binoculars in your pocket to view competitor activities. Wait! You have another pocket, but the other instrument is too long. Itís a telescope. Hang it to your back. As a business leader, your business driving instruments are not PowerPoint, tablet, Excel sheet or video conference reviews. You have to be equipped with the microscope, binoculars and telescope. Telescope brings the unreachable distance closer, so you can practice the new idea youíve envisioned much ahead of time. In todayís business domain, a leader cannot separate the three instruments made for discovery beyond the obvious in human civilisation. Can you become a leader who

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