Milagrow M8 Pro 3G: A good choice if you are looking for an affordable, large Android tablet

Apr 18 2014, 10:58 IST
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Milagrow M8 Pro is priced at Rs 24,990. Milagrow M8 Pro is priced at Rs 24,990.
SummaryBut at Rs 24,990, Milagrow M8 Pro 3G is not recommend it for all users.

It’s been almost three years since I laid my hands on the first TabTop PC from then fledgling Indian brand Milagrow. That device stood out for being able to give USB access to users, a big deal at a time when the restrictive iPad was the only tablet really worth its money.

Come 2014, and Milagrow is back with the M8 Pro 3G. The company again calls this the world’s first TabTop PC, so this has to be the successor to their own original TabTop. But I am not sure how this sobriquet is relevant now when most Windows 8 Tablets do effective, though underpowered, computing from a tab. It must because this tablet too packs as many ports as possible, a bit too many if you ask me. But is there more to this machine?

What I like

Design: The M8 Pro 3G has a very slick design. It reminds me a lot of the Sony Tablet S, but is a bit thinner even in the thicker parts of the device. It is also very light at just 530 grams. The power button is on the side of the thicker side. This side also houses the bouquet of ports — the charging slot, mini-HDMI, two micro-USB ports, SD-card slot and SIM slot.

Screen: This tablet has a 9.4-inch 1280x800p IPS display which is very sharp and clear. In fact, you will mistake this for FullHD till you run 1080p files on it. The viewing angles are good too and it helps that the screen has a slight gradient event when the tablet is laid flat.

Performance: You don’t need the benchmark tests to tell you this is a very powerful device. The transitions are smooth, the apps open in a jiffy and the overall experience is very smooth. It is powered by a quad-core 1.6 GHz RK3188 Rockchip processor that is really up to the task, especialy with 2GB RAM. One of the unique features if the tablet is the USB host which lets you hook this device to any storage device using an adapter. I could explore and run apps, videos and other files from anything from an USB flash drive to a 1TB external storage device using this feature. There is also a very Windows 8 inspired launcher that gives you a tile-based UI to play around with. It is different and works better for those who might want to use this

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