Modern slavery: Ten countries where slavery is most prevalent

Oct 17 2013, 14:30 IST
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Little kids carrying waste of industries. (IE photo) Little kids carrying waste of industries. (IE photo)
Summary30 million people worldwide are victims of modern slavery, a survey showed on Thursday.



* With an estimated 33,000 slaves, Moldova is mainly a source country for modern slavery.

* Moldovans in Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Germany, Belarus and elsewhere are exploited in the sex industry, construction, agriculture and domestic work.

* Moldovans have been trafficked for purposes of organ removal - although such cases have been on the decline.


* Benin has some 80,000 slaves, mainly women and children trafficked into the sex trade, domestic work or forced labor.

* The International Organization for Migration says more than 40,000 children are trafficking victims. Most work on cotton or cashew plantations or as servants in houses.

* Vudusi or "shrine slavery" persists, in which young girls are forced to live in and care for shrines, where many are habitually sexually abused, rights groups say.


* Around 156,000 people are subject to forced labor and sexual exploitation.

* Many children are forced into work in mining, agriculture, fishing, construction, domestic work and as street vendors and shoe-shiners.

* A 2010 government report estimated more than 30,000 children were forced laborers in rural areas, many in the cocoa sector. Ivory Coast produces 40 percent of the world's cocoa.


* 14,000 in Gambia are involved in slavery, mostly in domestic servitude and forced begging and prostitution, including child sex tourism.

* Women, girls and boys are trafficked to Gambia from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau and Benin for commercial sexual exploitation.

* UNICEF estimates some 60,000 children in Gambia are vulnerable to modern slavery, including orphans and street children.


* With an estimated 13,000 slaves, Gabon is both a destination and transit country for victims of modern slavery.

* Girls are mostly trafficked into domestic servitude or sex work while boys are trafficked for manual work.

* Forced and child marriages are common, and some girls are coerced to work in restaurants or market stalls.

Source: Global Slavery Index 2013, Walk Free

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