Gunday review: Offers pumped up beefcake, plumped-lip eye candy

Feb 15 2014, 13:40 IST
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Gunday is as generic as its name suggests: even that old phrase luchchhe- lafangey had more character. Gunday is as generic as its name suggests: even that old phrase luchchhe- lafangey had more character.
SummaryFilm review Gunday: I don't think there's one significant quiet spot in this film, says Indian Express critic Shubhra Gupta.

Film Review: Gunday

Star Cast: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan, Saurabh Shukla, Pankaj Tripathi, Manu Rishi;

Director : Ali Abbas Zafar

Ratings: *1/2

Gunday is as generic as its name suggests: even that old phrase luchche-lafangey had more character. In the name of plot, we get a mash-up of many popular blockbusters, several of them belonging to Yashraj, the producers of this one. In the name of acting, we get pumped up beefcake and one number plumped-lip eye candy. There are a few solid supporting acts, and they are the ones that keep you watching, but they get buried in the sludge. What you get is what youve been getting. Over and over again.

The setting is the early '70s and Calcutta, where fierce youngsters Bikram and Bala fetch up as refugees from across the newly-formed Bangladesh border. But any hope of the film using this little original plot-point as a jump-start into something new is dashed when we are presented with the creakiest trope in Bollywood masala films: small legs pumping (belonging to the little fellows), turning into long legs running (belonging to the boys-who-have-turned-into-men).

Its almost as if the story got cobbled between three prescribed familiar threads: koyle ki khadaan, hero ki dukaan, gori ka makaan. Go ahead, spot the bits from Sholay, Zanjeer, Kala Patthar, Deewaar, and even Don (the remake), and a few more I didnt. And non-stop background music which nearly rivals that of Ram Gopal Varmas flicks in its relentlessness: I dont think theres one significant quiet spot in this film.

And then its open season on tried-and-tested set-pieces. Bikram (Singh) and Balas (Kapoor) friendship, forged in blood, will be tested as soon as the pretty Nandita (Chopra) hoves into view. We know it much before the script, because it gives us the crack in the bachpan-ke-dost much after weve seen it coming. Before the girl comes in between them, the two have already begun ruling Calcutta in their merry outlaw fashion: they are into the kalabazaari of coal, and other scarce things.

As soon as ACP Satya (Irrfan) draws a bead on them, exactly in the way filmi cops did back in the day striding into the villains den, doing dialogue-baazi, and letting the bad guys go about their business we know how this one will pan out. For this, we have to wait till all the way to the end, when the police can show up, sirens

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