MPV players: Toyota Innova 2.5 Z vs Tata Aria 4x4 Pride

Jan 04 2014, 11:48 IST
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Toyota Innova comes with a decent amount of features but the Aria 4x4 is actually even better equipped. Toyota Innova comes with a decent amount of features but the Aria 4x4 is actually even better equipped.
SummaryToyota's updated Innova looks like a good match for the super-capable but often overlooked Tata Aria.

in the second-hand market, the dashboards look and feel new after years of use. So there’s no doubting that this car’s insides are built to last.

This top-spec Z version of the Innova is a new trim in the range and it comes only with individual ‘captain’ seats for the middle row. However, the lower variants have the option of a conventional bench instead. The seats are very comfortable, especially on long drives, but the third row is a little lacking in thigh support and is best suited for children. The middle row is adjustable and can be moved forward to liberate more room for the third-row passengers. Legroom for the middle row is good, but the Aria is more spacious thanks to its longer wheelbase and overall length.

The Innova comes equipped with a very useful rear-view camera that uses the touchscreen infotainment system as a display, but the lack of parking sensors means that you can’t afford to take your eyes off the screen.

Step into the Aria and the cabin, though airy, doesn’t feel as premium as the Toyota’s. There are nice bits though, like the air-con vents that are neatly integrated into the dash within the faux wood panels. However, the entire dash doesn’t feel as solid as the Innova’s. The Aria’s steering-mounted controls feel flimsy and you often end up pressing them when you’re turning the wheel. The Aria is huge, so it’s a good thing it has parking sensors, which are quite effective, and since our test car is the now-discontinued 4x4 ‘Pleasure’ variant, it doesn’t come with a reversing camera. The top 4x4 Pride variant, however, does get a camera. The air-con unit, though effective on the whole, doesn’t do as good a job cooling the front two seats as the Innova’s unit, so if you’re driving on a hot summer’s day, you’re going to feel a little uncomfortable in the Aria.

The Aria comes with a second row bench and not captain seats. You sit higher in the Innova than in the Aria, but thigh support in the Tata is better, and its third row seats are comfier, especially on long drives. The Aria has lots of useful roof-mounted storage areas, more than you could have asked for in fact.

Overall, where the Innova trumps the Aria is clearly quality. The Tata just doesn’t feel as well put together as the Toyota, which is possibly what puts

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