Mumbai world's 2nd most honest city in Reader's Digest 'Lost Wallet' survey

Sep 27 2013, 08:55 IST
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In a survey conducted by Reader's Digest, Mumbai has emerged as the second most honest city in the world. In a survey conducted by Reader's Digest, Mumbai has emerged as the second most honest city in the world.
SummaryReader's Digest conducted a 'Lost Wallet' survey in Mumbai and 15 other cities.

Which are the most and least honest cities in the world? Well, to find out where more people are likely to hand in a lost property, Reader's Digest conducted a global, social experiment with "Lost Wallet" test.

The magazine put 16 cities to the test when wallets were dropped in public places such as shopping centres, car parks and on pavements – containing personal documents and photos, contact details and cash equivalent of $50 – in an attempt to find out how many would be returned to the rightful owner. Of the 192 wallets, around half were returned, but the outcomes varied from city to city.

The result: Helsinki is the winner. The capital of Finland emerged as the most honest city of the world with eleven out of 12 wallets being returned to their owners in the Scandinavian city.

Lasse Luomakoski, a 27-year-old businessman, found the magazine's wallet downtown. "Finns are naturally honest," he said. "We are a small, quiet, closely-knit community. We have little corruption, and we don't even run red lights," he told Reader's Digest.

India's financial capital Mumbai was the second most honest city in the world with nine out of 12 wallets getting handed in.

Rahul Rai, a 27-year-old video editor, found on of these lost wallets. "My conscience wouldn't let me do anything wrong. A wallet is a big thing with many important documents [in it]," Rai told Reader's Digest.

Vaishali Mhaskar, a mother of two, returned a wallet left in the post office. "I teach my children to be honest, just like my parents taught me," she said.

"Later that day, three young adults found the 'Lost wallet' and called us immediately," the magazine said.

Portugal capital Lisbon was the most dishonest with only one wallet being returned to its owner.

The most honest cities in the world:

Helsinki (Finland): 11 out of 12 wallets returned

Mumbai (India): 9 out of 12

Budapest (Hungary): 8 out of 12

New York City (USA): 8 out of 12

Moscow (Russia): 7 out of 12

Amsterdam (Netherlands): 7 out of 12

Berlin (Germany) 6 out of 12

Ljubljana (Slovenia): 6 out of 12

London (UK): 5 out of 12

Warsaw (Poland): 5 out of 12

Bucharest, Romania - 4 out of 12

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): 4 out of 12

Zurich (Switzerland): 4 out of 12

Prague (Czech Republic): 3 out of 12

Madrid (Spain) - 2 out of 12

Lisbon (Portugal) - 1 out of 12

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