Narendra Modi hits out at UPA says, India must move to era of 'trust'

Jan 15 2014, 18:49 IST
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Narendra Modi with Bollywood actor Salman Khan during the Uttarayan Festival in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. (PTI) Narendra Modi with Bollywood actor Salman Khan during the Uttarayan Festival in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. (PTI)
SummaryNarendra Modi blasts Manmohan Singh govt in a speech at FICCI meet.

Launching an attack on the economic policies of the UPA government, Narendra Modi today said the main reason behind the "despair" prevailing in India was that nobody takes responsibility.

The BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate said India has become a country of "under-achievers" due to lack of planning and there was a need to come out of this situation by building an atmosphere of trust.

"If we had planned well we would have reached great heights. Today, India has become a country of under-achievers. There is no dearth of opportunity for growth of industry in the country. There is a need to come out of this despair. An atmosphere of confidence and trust is very important in India now," Narendra Modi said addressing a FICCI meet.

Taking on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said, "Our Prime Minister likes to speak about 'inclusive growth'. Until we build capacity among poor through education, how can it happen?

Stressing on the need for a holistic approach, the Narendra Modi said, "If we keep on exporting minerals, the country will not generate employment or development. With every resource, a holistic approach is very necessary."

Blaming the existing regime for the ill-health of the economy, Narendra Modi said, "When we talk about growth, infrastructure comes in and that is dependent on the energy sector.Industries are shut because of shortage of fuel. Someone has to take responsibility. The reason for disappointment is that nobody accepts responsibility in this country."

Narendra Modi said the country was at the beginning of the 21st century and there was eagerness in the air. "There was talk of the new century approaching but a strategy is yet to be formed."

He said two sectors are most important - agriculture and service sector - and there is a need to focus on improving productivity in agriculture and value additions to improve rural economy.

"The amount of land is not increasing but actually decreasing with population increase. Value addition is the best combination in service and agriculture sector," he said.

Narendra Modi said, "We have to make the common man a stakeholder in development. We need to build more small-scale industries. The small things need to be looked at to bring overall development."

Referring to the health sector, he said, "Common man looks for cheap treatment. Indian hospitals are renowned in the world but the insurance process in India holds us back."

"If people know that we have the power to provide insurance, foreigners will

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