New farmhouse policy: 26 villages declared low-density areas

Dec 12 2012, 11:07 IST
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SummaryHigh-density development allowed in 4 villages under transit-oriented development corridor.

New farmhouse policy: High-density development allowed in 4 villages under transit-oriented development corridor.

The Delhi Development Authority has declared 26 villages as low-density residential areas for development under its new farmhouse policy.

The policy has a provision for regularisation of unauthorised farmhouses built before February 2, 2007, if the owners pay a penalty.

The new notification says that high-density development will be allowed in parts of Mehrauli, Sultanpur, Ghitorni and Gadaipur villages along the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road part of the transit-oriented development (TOD) plan.

This new notification is in continuation to the public notice issued on October 27, inviting objections and suggestions on the farmhouse policy. The new notification gives a list of villages to be declared as low-density residential areas, a DDA official said.

The 26 villages are Sayurpur, Satbari, Chhattarpur, Khanpur, Devli, Bhatti, Fatehpur Beri, Asola, Jounapur, Chandan Hula, Gadaipur, Sultanpur, Mehrauli, Ghitorni, Rangpuri, Chhawala, Pindwalan Khurd, Rewla Khanpur, Paprawat, Ghuman Hera, Jhatikara, Kanganheri, Holambi Khurd, Bakoli, Bakhtawar Pur and Hiranki.

While the new notification allows low-density residential development in these villages, it will not be applicable in areas falling under regional parks. In villages like Sayurpur, Ghitorni, Asola, Fatehpur Beri and Mehrauli, rules applicable to regional parks under MPD-2021 will be applicable in areas falling under that category, a DDA official said.

In areas like Chhattarpur and Khanpur, relevant stipulations imposed by the DDA, arising out of Supreme Court orders, will be applicable to low-density residential development projects.

The notification further specifies that parts of four villages along MG Road will be allowed high-density development under the TOD policy.

Transit-oriented development is generally characterised by compact, mixed-use development near public transport infrastructure, which provides for housing, employment and civic functions within walking distance.

Such development will help reduce usage of private vehicles. The new TOD corridors in Delhi are to be notified soon. Once this happens, higher floor area ratio will be allowed along MG Road in villages which fall in the influence zones. These villages are Mehrauli, Sultanpur, Ghitorni and Gadaipur, a DDA official said.

The four partially demolished malls along the MG Road stretch had been given approval to construct and restore their buildings by the Lieutenant-Governors office earlier this year.

The new farmhouse policy also allows for usage of farmhouses as banquet halls, recreational centres including amusement parks, resorts and spas on plots of two hectares and above, subject to certain conditions.

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