Nikon Coolpix P530 review: A good bet for enthusiasts who are looking to experiment

May 18 2014, 17:38 IST
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The Nikon Coolpix P530 is priced Rs 19,950 The Nikon Coolpix P530 is priced Rs 19,950
SummaryThe full range of manual exposure control is an asset for anyone wishing to understand serious photographic basics.

to switch from electronic viewfinder display to LCD or vice versa. The top of the camera also has a function(Fn) button to help us quickly access the white balance, metering or ISO.

The best part of P530s design is its scrolling dial. This dial also acts as a navigational tool. While the left and the top take you to timer and flash functions, the right and the down button take you directly to the exposure compensation or focusing modes.


As mentioned earlier, the solid structure of the camera helped me shoot handheld at long focal lengths. But that said, the biggest drawback of this camera is its slow auto-focus speed and shutter lag. High-end mobile cameras can easily compete with this camera as far as its auto-focus speed is concerned.

This camera seemed to capture the details well in low sensitivity and in good light conditions. Photographs taken at Delhi’s Mehrauli Archaeological Park managed to capture some very intricate architectural details.

Compared to its predecessor P520, this camera has 16 MP resolution. As a result, when I zoomed in 100% on an image taken in full zoom, it looked smooth. Unless you want to print at sizes larger than 24 on the long side, print quality should be quite acceptable.

ISO ranges from 8-3200 and noise is well controlled. To test the camera’s low light sensitivity, I shot some photographs at my friend’s wedding at 3200 ISO.

While it took as many as 30 seconds to accurately lock focus, one could say that the images produced were quite sharp, especially with its lens being equipped with Nikon’s VR (Vibration Reduction) technology.

The camera’s merit is probably in the fact that it allows full manual control. So, if you are a semi-pro photographer, you can experiment with exposures for much better images. The camera does not support RAW format, so you might not have much freedom to play around with your images, as far as post-processing is concerned.

The camera’s 24-1000mm range in 35mm equivalent, gave me the freedom to choose a wide variety of subjects, which makes it quite good for everyday shooting.

Macro focusing is the other good part of this camera. I really liked how sharp the images were when I took the camera close to my subject and activated macro-focusing. The fully charged battery gave me close to 300 shots taken on the manual mode without flash.

Unlike Nikon P520, this camera does not have wi-fi connectivity.

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