No Exit: How not to resign

Dec 02 2013, 13:17 IST
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SummaryWhen Richard Nixon quit office in the 70s, his letter to the Secretary of State went like this

shortsighted and immature approach to a career. To correct a certain misogynist politician who said nobody will hire women after this Tehelka episode, its more like nobody wants an aggressive troublemaker, it doesnt matter whether theyre male or female. Maybe I have slightly conservative views but I find this new trend of letting it all out for the world to hear on social media, extremely distasteful. What will bitching out an ex-employer achieve? Usually, nothing. At best, some sympathetic retweets from voyeurs who may applaud your moves publicly, but would never do the same themselves. Civilisation is held together by tactful phrasing and white lies even if were all vicious hypocrites in reality. How you leave is the last statement you make about your character so its important to make your move wisely.

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