Nokia XL review: Multi-tasking, with a twist though

Jun 14 2014, 09:05 IST
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Nokia XL is priced at Rs 10,870. Nokia XL is priced at Rs 10,870.
SummaryXL is a larger Nokia Android phone with a better camera than its smaller brother.

expected the XL to have at least 8GB of internal storage, especially since Rs 7,000 Android phones are now shipping with 4GB. Also, Nokia could have given 1GB RAM which will be of use when multiple apps are open.

Connectivity: There are no issues with reception and call quality.

Software: Hmmm. The Nokia X software platform tries its best to be an Android with a difference, but there are free launchers on Google Play that appear much more sophisticated. There is nothing wrong with the OS, but it seems like something that has been resurrected from the Symbian era. Fastlane is a good addition, but the tile format does not work well for me.

Camera: Compared to the Nokia X, the XL has a pretty decent camera. For one, this comes with auto-focus and works well in all conditions. The camera performs quite well even in low light as the pictures below show. But then we have come to expect that from Nokia.

Battery: The battery life is not all that great. I could stretch it to about 12 hours with regular use. It seems the large screen saps the power quite quickly, so keep the brightness at a low.

Verdict: Frankly, I don’t know who I can recommend this phone to. The Nokia X was not all that confusing, but if you can spend this much and want a screen this large then there are many other good options in the market. If you can compromise on the screen size, then the Nokia Lumia 630 seems a much better choice at the moment.

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