Pakistan shunned Ajmal Kasab hanging letter: Govt

Nov 21 2012, 18:46 IST
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SummaryA chary Pakistan refused to acknowledge India's letter warning it about its future course of action.

through probe and court proceedings and after that a mercy petition was filed before the President," he said.

Asked how today's date was fixed for Kasab's hanging, Shinde said it was decided by the court earlier and that was mentioned in Kasab's file and the Home Ministry has confirmed it.

When asked whether the UPA government was trying to get political mileage through Kasab's hanging, Shinde said, "There is no question of mileage-taking. It was already decided."

The Home Minister refused to say anything on when a decision on Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru would be taken as his mercy petition was also pending before the President.

Minister of State Home Affairs RPN Singh that he looks at the entire process culminating in the hanging of Kasab as "victory" of the legal system of the country as well as India's fight against terror besides "some closure" to the victims of 26/11 and their families.

I look at it as a victory of the legal system of the country. This showcases that even a terrorist gets a full hearing in India before his conviction. This proves that in our country, a terrorist also gets more than a chance to be heard," Singh said.

He said that Kasab's conviction and his execution also "finally leads to some closure to the victims of 26/11 and theIR families".

"It also symbolises victory of India's fight against terror," Singh said.

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