Pants are in, choose your pick this season

Aug 17 2013, 11:34 IST
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"Find your fit and a good tailor, and the kind words will come" (AP)
SummaryThere is so much you can do by teeming up pants with tops and accessories.

Pants are always popular, especially with real women and real lives to lead, but they rarely spark a lot of excitement. What can you do with two legs and a waistband, after all? More than you think, responds the fashion industry this fall.

"Pants feed back into the overarching idea of personal style,'' says Samira Nasr, fashion director at Elle magazine. "There really is a choice in how adventurous do you want to be."

She adds: "Pants are the go-to because they are the most comfortable thing, they look good and they are a functional garment. Women can go about their day and feel 'dressed'."

Still, can you get the compliments with pants that you always seem to receive when you wear a new dress? Absolutely, says designer Nanette Lepore: Find your fit and a good tailor, and the kind words will come.

A teenager or even a young 20-something who probably mostly wears jeans or shorts has never really lived through a high-fashion pants moment, she says. This is her chance.

She can break away from leggings or skinny jeans or at least try them in prints and she should try the relaxed track-pant silhouette that has broken out as a trend, says Lepore, who designs a youthful line for JCPenney called L'Amour. "It's going to be a little bit of a leap for her, but she's going to get the coolness of them."

"I have them on today, Lepore said. "I wear them with a nice peasant top I decided to mix it with something soft and feminine but most girls will wear it with a simple T-shirt. But I wanted to move it to a new place if we're going to make it our new go-to pant."

For a more sophisticated customer, she'd recommend clean, slim-leg trousers paired with a tailored suit jacket. "I really think the suit could be the new dress."

And Lepore says higher waistbands are on the way.

As for the wide-leg option, it's out there, especially a cropped style that landed on Nasr's radar after previews of the resort collections that will be available around the holidays. She predicts there will be even more of them next spring, but adds that they're an acquired taste and won't be for everyone.

Lepore says women "just love skinny pants. We will put other things on the runway, like that soft pant, which morphed into a cargo pant, but I don't see a

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