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Dec 09 2013, 08:48 IST
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LinkedIn offers users, most of whom pay nothing for the service, a chance to hone and increase their contacts. LinkedIn offers users, most of whom pay nothing for the service, a chance to hone and increase their contacts.
SummaryLinkedIn, the networking site for professionals, can raise your profile and help you find a new job, but only if it is used properly

likelihood that recruiters will click on your name. And if you list more than one professional position, you’ll increase your visibility 12 times.

LinkedIn will automatically let all your contacts know every time you change your profile. That means colleagues will be automatically informed when you change jobs or add some additional experiences. Unfortunately, your colleagues will also be told that you’ve taken a new job even if you simply changed the title of your existing one.

To avoid embarrassing congratulatory emails for something you haven’t done, turn off those notification settings before you post your profile. To do so, hover your cursor over your picture in the upper right. Then click “Review,” next to “Privacy and Settings.” On the “Profile” tab, you can turn off these “activity broadcasts” or decide who should see them if you want to leave them on. This is also where you can choose to let others know you have viewed their profile (or prefer to be anonymous), determine how much of your profile strangers can see, automatically send profile updates to your Twitter account and other options.

To pique the interest of recruiters, keep your profile up to date. Add new accomplishments and suggest news articles for others to read in the “Share an Update” field at the top of your home page. Don’t accept every invitation to join someone’s network of contacts. The point of LinkedIn, according to Blue, is not to amass the greatest number of contacts, but to connect with those you know and trust, who then can introduce you to others you may wish to meet.

But if you do receive an invitation to connect from a stranger, you may want to use it to your advantage. Jasmine Sandler, a New York-based owner of Agent-cy, an online marketing company, suggests you reach out to that person, schedule a phone call and see if there’s a reason to create a professional relationship.

Another way to increase your stature is to join interest groups. You’ll find them by searching for names and key words in the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you participate in a group, you can offer advice, contacts and news articles to group members, many of whom are likely to share your interests and career goals.

Join discussion groups that focus on particular companies at which you might like to work. If a job opens up, you’ll be able to call

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