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SummaryHere are hot and happening buzzwords for 2013

The phrase is being used to describe people who fiddle with their mobile phones while you are talking to them or use their phones while in a social setting among friends. Essentially a pun on snubbing, phubbing has become so common and brazen that it has created a backlash with a Stop Phubbing campaign currently gathering steam in Australia, the UK and the US.


Applies to a parent or parents who regularly use social media to communicate detailed information about their child or children through text and photos. Sharenting is what the verb is called and it includes everything from what your kid ate, wore and said to other irritating minutiae that no one is remotely interested in. Analysts say sharents are really narcissists in their 30s who channel their own lives vicariously through the proxy of their children.


Its a type of slang being used by parents to get back at rebellious teenage children. An acronym for You Only Live Once, it was made famous in a rap song, and then some Hollywood actors got the phrase tattooed on their hands. The meaning is really to do with making poor decisions in life like getting drunk and making a fool of yourself in public. More widely, YOLO is now seen as drawing a line between parents and teenaged children.

Big Data

Everything is to do with Big Data these days; its become a technological catchall. At a basic level, it is a phrase used to describe the amount of data generated these days by computers, servers, social networks and satellite communication, among other sources. Huge streams of data are being churned out each minute, some captured by electronic whistle blowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Technological demands are ensuring there is bigger data generating, storing and collecting today than ever before and its only going to increase as we increasingly trust all our manual and mental tasks to technology.


Fashion has coined a number of words that are so esoteric that they are rarely used outside style columns. One such is peplum, which refers to a short skirt-like addition to a garment that flares from the waist. Once it was worn by Kate Middleton at a public function, the peplum became a must-have garment in every fashionistas wardrobe.


Its now almost instinctive for people to take photos of themselves and share them with friends, family and Internet

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