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Sep 02 2012, 01:32 IST
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SummaryOn their first India tour, US-based House of Floyd pays a rocking tribute to Pink Floyd

On their first India tour, US-based House of Floyd pays a rocking tribute to Pink Floyd

Between introductions and welcomes, the seven-member band from the US, House of Floyd, chat about Indian food, karmic connection with India and the irresistible urge to travel here from half way across the globe. We are in love with India and dont mind staying here forever, says vocalist Sheri Showalter.

The group was formed in 2005 in San Francisco Bay area, USA, as a tribute to the iconic rock band Pink Floyd. Established musicians in their own right, it was a diehard love for Pink Floyds progressive soul-stirring music that got them together and recreate the Floydian magic.

We have grown up with this music, thrived on it, lived with it, breathed it and so, needless to say, are irrevocably in love with it. Also, no one else had formed such a band and we took it as a vantage point, says Mark Showalter, who plays the keyboard, saxophone and is also a vocalist.

The group has two performances in Chandigarh, at the Golf Club and Chandimandir, followed by shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Their music recreates the layered lyrics, sonic experimentation, elaborate live arrangements, sound and tape effects and electrifying energy on stage just like Pink Floyd. Like the original band, the House of Floyd changes its act with every show in terms of interpreting music and improvising. The genius of Pink Floyd lies in the fact that they would make and play a whole new song live in front of an audience, and then record it. For instance, Sheep was sung live first as Raving and Drooling before being recorded as Sheep, says Mark.

Sheri adds that its far from easy to play Floyd. It is challenging as there is immense change in tempo, the songs are long and one has to reanalyse, regroup and recreate the same mood and energy, explains vocalist Angie Montgomery.

Floyds music, observes bassist and vocalist Lou Portela, has a powerful cinematic quality. They would do an entire album on a concept, on one theme and story with lyrics that still resonate in peoples memory today. These are not merely songs, they are part of history, these are archives of greatest moments of our times, says Portela.

At Golf Club on Friday, the House of Floyd brought to life the world of Pink Floyd

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