PM Narendra Modi sets 2022 deadline for water, electricity and toilet in every house

Jun 11 2014, 20:47 IST
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament in New Delhi. PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament in New Delhi. PTI
SummaryPM Narendra Modi vows to convert 'our image from scam India' to 'skill India'

the poor, the people will never pardon us," Modi said.

Talking about his idea of alleviating poverty, he said his government would empower the poor so that they can fight against poverty and come out of it.

"The biggest weapon is education, end to blind faith. If we succeed in bringing poor out of poverty, then they will not be dependent on anyone," he said.

Mentioning his idea about development of rural areas, he said there should be focus on improving agriculture sector through application of science and research.

He also expressed commitment to provide 24-hour electricity to villages, internet connectivity and other facilities so that the youth get education as well as employment there and have no reason to leave their homes.

In this context, he cited Sikkim as an example.

Talking about agriculture, Modi said his government in Gujarat had taken the initiative of 'soil health card' to ascertain the right crop for a particular kind of soil and the quantity of fertilizer and water required.

The same could be done at the national level, the Prime Minister said.

Regretted that research in agriculture remained in "lab and does not come to land", he said, "If we do small small experiments, we can change."

He also talked about the use of IT in governance while ruing that the country is not able to utilise it appropriately despite being a world leader.

52 members of the Lok Sabha participated in the debate that took place over 12 hours. 48 members submitted their speeches in writing.


* We will empower the poor to enable them to fight poverty and come out of it, says PM in Lok Sabha.

* We are sincerely committed to bring down prices; it is our collective responsibility to ensure nobody sleeps hungry, says Narendra Modi

* Country needs real-time data on agri products to deal with price rise, says PM.

* Govt has to take strong action against incidents of violence against women like the recent one in UP, says PM.

* Our image has become 'scam India', we have to convert it to 'skill India': PM

* Need to focus on skill development; decisions have to be taken with great courage, says Modi.

* We have to do focussed activity to change lives of Muslims; they cannot be left behind in development: Modi.

* We have to convert development as mass movement like Mahatma Gandhi freedom struggle:

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