PMEAC: Small retailers will not disappear

Sep 22 2012, 01:27 IST
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SummaryThey (small retailers) will continue to remain.

Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council C Rangarajan today sought to allay apprehensions that neighbourhood kirana stores would disappear with increase in modern and organised retail.

“They (small retailers) will continue to remain. In fact, the international experience shows that even in advanced countries where there are large scale department stores operating, the ‘mom and pop’ stores have not disappeared. They continue to exist,” he said at a seminar on retailing here.

He said kirana stores would survive and can become part of modern retail by organising themselves and getting assimilated into the organised sector.

“These kirana stores and street hawkers can also become part of the modern retail chain... if they can be assimilated into organised retail, organise themselves under their banner through franchisees, upgrade through infusion of capital, better training,” he added.

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