Police fuel drive against traffic violators

Sep 27 2013, 04:53 IST
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SummaryIn a move to ensure traffic rules are strictly observed in the city, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police has struck a deal with the petrol pump dealers.

In a move to ensure traffic rules are strictly observed in the city, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police has struck a deal with the petrol pump dealers, authorising the latter to refuse fuel to anyone found driving without his or her licence and insurance papers. That is to say, fuel stations will have to check their licences before giving them fuel.

The move was taken on Thursday at a meeting between Ahmedabad traffic police and petrol pump dealers. Accordingly, the petrol pump dealers will have to put up hoardings and billboards outside the pumps, urging customers to carry their driving licences, vehicle registration and insurance papers if they expected to buy fuel from the petrol pumps.

While the move will officially come into effect in November, the petrol pump owners will have to put up the hoardings and advertisements within the next one month to alert customers about it in advance.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Harikrishna Patel said, “A lot of thought has gone into this decision. Petrol pump dealers have also unanimously agreed to it. In the past, we have seen that the increase in fines made no difference to habitual traffic offenders. This will surely ensure a better control over road menace.”

The move, which so far seems to be the strictest one taken in the past few years, aims at bringing greater awareness and alertness about traffic rules.

According to this decision, drivers found in violation of traffic rules, like not carrying driving licences or insurance papers or carrying expired insurance papers, driving vehicles with no number plates or having tinted glass or even driving without helmets (in case of two-wheelers), will not be allowed to purchase fuel for their onward travel any more.

“The petrol pump owners will first check their licences, vehicle papers and even check if cars have tinted windows or a motorcyclist is driving without a helmet. In such cases, they will be refused fuel. They will have to maintain a register to keep track of customers who have violated these rules,” Patel said.

The same rule applies to CNG auto-rickshaw drivers as well. They will be denied CNG gas if they don’t have the helpline numbers stencilled behind the driver’s seat. According to traffic police officers, auto-rickshaws have been repeatedly asked to prominently display the helpline and control room numbers. However, it has not been done.

They added that if locals do not follow the instructions or

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