Ponty Chadha autopsy report out

Nov 22 2012, 10:00 IST
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SummaryThe post-mortem report of Ponty and his brother Hardeep was handed over to police.

The post-mortem report of Ponty Chadha and his brother Hardeep was handed over to police on Wednesday. It says both Ponty and Hardeep died of shock from firearm injuries, sources said. The report says Ponty appeared to have sustained seven bullet injuries — two in the chest, two in the abdominal region and three on his legs. Sources said, according to the report, one bullet had grazed Ponty’s heart and another was lodged in the back muscle. Two bullets were lodged in the right abdomen.

“There was a lot of internal bleeding and Ponty’s lung and liver were damaged. There was no damage to the heart from the bullet wounds,” a source from AIIMS department of forensic medicine said. Two bullet injuries were found in the right thigh and one in the calf muscle of his right leg.

Sources said Hardeep’s autopsy report said he only sustained two bullet injuries. Both bullets had pierced his chest, one of which was fatal. “We could trace the entry to exit paths of two bullets, and neither of them were embedded in his body. One of them had ruptured his lung and this was a fatal injury. The second bullet, which had pierced through the area just above the right side of the abdomen, was not fatal,” the official said.

Both the autopsies were begun simultaneously in the same room at AIIMS on November 19. Doctors finished Hardeep’s post-mortem within two hours. According to AIIMS sources, there was some difficulty in retrieving the bullets during Ponty’s first post-mortem, due to a problem with the metal detectors. “The first bullet was retrieved from Ponty’s lung. Since there was no fat deposition here, it was relatively easy to take out this bullet. But five hours after the post-mortem began at 11 am on November 19, only one bullet could be retrieved,” an official said. Sources said as the post-mortem was being conduced on metallic tables, the metal detectors were catching “false positives”. Explaining the delay in Ponty’s procedure, the official said, “An X-ray was taken, which showed the broad location of the bullets. Since Chadha was overweight and the table was metallic, we had a problem locating the precise spots where the bullets were lodged.”

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