Profile: Ajmal Kasab, the face of Mumbai terror attack

Nov 21 2012, 18:45 IST
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Profile: Ajmal Kasab, the face of Mumbai terror attack (Agencies) Profile: Ajmal Kasab, the face of Mumbai terror attack (Agencies)
SummaryAjmal Kasab was the key to unravel the conspiracy hatched in Pakistan.

he is dead", adding that he had lost his right to "humanitarian treatment".

Kasab had left his home in Pakistan after a fight with his father in 2005.

He had asked for new clothes on Eid, but his father could not provide them, which made him angry. He then became involved in petty crime with his friend Muzaffar Lal Khan, and soon moving on to armed robbery.

On the day of Eid on December 21, 2007, they were in Rawalpindi trying to buy weapons when they encountered members of JuD, the political wing of LeT, distributing pamphlets. After a brief chat, they decided to sign up for training with the LeT ending up at their base camp, Markaz Taiba.

Kasab was reproted to be among a group of 24 men who received training in marine warfare in mountainous Pakistan-occupied Kashmir(PoK). The group was later shortlisted to 10 that included Ajmal Kasab.

Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a senior commander of LeT, reportedly offered to pay his family Rs.150,000 for his participation in the attack.

Villagers of Okara claimed on camera that he was at their village six months before the Mumbai attack. They said that he asked his mother to bless him as he was going for Jihad, and claimed that he demonstrated his wrestling skills to a few village boys that day.

Initial reports offered a conflicting view of Ajmal Kasab as fluent in English, and from a middle class background.

However, an interrogator and deputy commissioner of the Mumbai Police stated that he spoke rough Hindi and barely any English.

Kasab was found guilty of 80 offences, including waging war against the nation, which is punishable by the death penalty.

His death sentence was upheld by the Bombay High Court on February 21, 2011. The verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court of India on August 29 2012.

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