Prosperity, equality in Indian states: Kerala, Punjab beat Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh sits at bottom of heap

Nov 12 2013, 12:57 IST
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On prosperity index, Haryana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu figure in the top five positions. (AP) On prosperity index, Haryana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu figure in the top five positions. (AP)
SummaryOn prosperity index, aside from Kerala and Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu figure in top 5.

Punjab and Kerala top in prosperity and equality among Indian states, while Maharashtra leads the pack in terms of per capita income, says a study by Crisil.

Punjab, which tops the prosperity list, is at the second place in the chart of equality that is topped by Kerala.

"Madhya Pradesh is the least prosperous state," says the study.

Crisil has developed the prosperity and equity indices on the basis of ownership of consumer durables in a state, using the 2011 Census data. It does not account for inter-state differences in ownership of financial or other assets such as land.

On prosperity index, Haryana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu figure in the top five positions.

On equality, Chhattisgah, Bihar and Jharkhand share top slots after Kerala and Punjab.

Gujarat, whose development model is much debated, is placed at sixth position in prosperity index, while on equality the state is on seventh slot.

This widespread ownership makes Punjab the most prosperous state, the report said, adding that Punjab and Kerala also have the least disparity in asset ownership between their capital cities and the rest of the state.

"Madhya Pradesh is the least prosperous state. Moreover, there is large disparity in living standards among households in Bhopal, as well as between Bhopal and the rest of the state. For example, 15 per cent of households in the capital have all assets, which is comparable to Mumbai. However, over 12 epr cenr of households in Bhopal have no durables assets compared with a 2.2 per cent in Mumbai.

Chhattisgarh, Bihar also figure at the bottom of the prosperity index, says the study.

Maharashtra has the highest level of real income per person (per-person state gross domestic product at 2004-05 prices) among the major states. But the penetration of household ownership of durable assets in the state is lower than six others, it added.

Punjab has the highest proportion of households with all durables, including a computer (10 in every 100) and the lowest proportion of households with no durable asset, not even a mobile or a bicycle (just over 4 per cent), indicating its overall prosperity.

At the second slot is Kerala with its handsome remittances along with healthy farm and tourism sectors. It is followed by Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, showing higher growth has brought in prosperity to these states in terms of ownership of cars and two-wheelers, mobiles and computers.

Gujarat is ranked at third in terms

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