Quick review: Lava Xolo A600 A Low-Cost Android With Style

Jan 20 2014, 14:04 IST
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Lava Xolo A600 Lava Xolo A600
SummaryFor a price of Rs. 7,500 in stores, the Xolo A600 is very well priced.

apps via APKs on your memory card (up to 32GB) if you are considering this smartphone.

Software: Lava hasnt mucked around with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and its as close to stock Android as it gets. Theres no reason to complain here.

Camera: Much like most handsets in this range barring the Gionee P3, the Xolo A600 produces barely usable pictures. In direct sunlight, your shots will be fun. But go indoors or shoot at night and there is too much noise, too little detail, and atrocious focus.

Battery: The low-specced performance does have one major upside: the battery life. Xolo has already packed a large 1900mAh battery in this device and it gives fantastic results, easily lasting for 18 hours of average usage. On a continuous video playback test, it played for just over 6 hours. Thats brilliant when compared to other smartphones in this range.

Special Mention: Generally, budget handsets tend to skimp on the antenna and dont give you good network coverage, but the Xolo A600 is an exception. In fact, its antenna outclasses some of the flagship models of other companies. It performed better in bad-network areas than the likes of the Sony Xperia Z1, Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC One.

Verdict: For a price of Rs. 7,500 in stores, the Xolo A600 is very well priced. The combination of a good screen and long battery life is difficult to get in budget handsets, and the small sacrifices of great performance and a stellar camera are worthy trade-offs for that. If this is price range, then this is the phone to get.

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