Rahul Gandhi accuses: Modi gave Rs 26,000 cr power, Rs 15,000 cr land to bizman

May 03 2014, 18:04 IST
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Rahul Gandhi: Narendra Modi gave more money to one industrialist than UPA could spend on poor through MNREGA. (PTI) Rahul Gandhi: Narendra Modi gave more money to one industrialist than UPA could spend on poor through MNREGA. (PTI)
SummaryUPA gave money to poor for work, not free; where does Modi get money from, asks Rahul Gandhi.

election. I have family relations with Amethi. I came here at the age of 12 years with my father (Rajiv Gandhi). I don't have political relation with this place," Gandhi said striking an emotional chord.

"Some persons come here, tear posters, throw stones, abuse and return. They did not come here for next five years. I am here for my lifetime," Gandhi said.

In a veiled reference to snoopgate, Gandhi said,"Some posters of Modi say women will be empowered under his government. Don't women have power? They already have power, give them respect and rest they will do themselves."

Amethi Parliamentary seat, which is the pocketborough of Gandhi family, will go to polls on May 7 and the campaigning will come to an end on May 5 when the BJP prime ministerial candidate is scheduled to campaign for Irani.

Gandhi said while Congress stands for the politics of cohesiveness, BJP is dividing people on the religious lines.

"We have given food security programme under which poor people can get food grains at Rs one per kg. The Uttar Pradesh government is yet to implement it but they will have to do it," the Congress Vice-President said.

He said it is the opposition which had challenged assured 24-hour electricity supply to Rai Bareli and Amethi in the court. "It shows that they have no love for you," he said.

Gandhi said Modi has given 45,000 acres of fertile land to Adani.

"Farmers' come to us for and complain that their land has been taken. Sikh farmers came to us and said their land has been taken and they were asked to leave the place as they did not belong to Gujarat," he said.

Gandhi said Congress was not against the industrialist but there should be a partnership between them and farmers.

"We are building an industrial corridoor from New Delhi to Kolkata where industrialists will be given lands to develop manufacturing hub. But this should be based on a partnership with farmers and poor people so that they can also grow," he said.

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