Ram Jethmalani targets Gurumurthy on clean chit to Nitin Gadkari

Nov 09 2012, 22:18 IST
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SummaryJethmalani says he is not sure if RSS gave same advice Gurumurthy has given.

Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalani today claimed sources in BJP have told him that not every party leader has accepted Gurumurthy's clean chit to Nitin Gadkari in connection with his companies' dealings and he is unlikely to be given a second term as President.

"I don't know how many leaders have accepted Gurumurthy's advice", he said

On Gadkari getting a second term after RSS support, Jethmalani said "I don't believe that such a state is contemplated...I don't believe that there is any RSS pressure.

I'm not sure that RSS has given the same advice what Gurumurthy has given."

Asked what made him think so, he said "I have my own contacts with RSS. I have many reasons to say this" but added he is not in a position to disclose anything more on this.

Jethmalani also stood by his comment on Ram, the protagonist of epic Ramayan, that he was a "bad husband" and refused to apologise for the same or withdraw it.

"It was not a mistake...I don't owe any apology...There is no reason why I should apologise. If people have lost their sense of humour, I can't help it," he said.

He went on to say that "I have serious doubts about whether he (Ram) is in that sense a historical figure."

Asked if his comment about Ram was an attempt to embarrass BJP, Jethmalani said "I have no motivation to embarrass BJP. I want to strengthen the party."

He also said he won't apologise for the comment. "I have no obligation of any kind of apology to anyone. The Press has lost its sense of humour...It is very silly," he said.

Claiming that the controversy over the Gadkari issue has not affected his ties with BJP, the eminent lawyer said he will not resign from the party even if BJP gives Gadkari a second term as party president, claiming it was not "opportunism".

Jethmalani stuck to his demand that Gadkari step down as President of BJP till his name is cleared.

He says he does not believe chartered accountant Gurumurthy's investigations have cleared Gadkari's name and said he is yet to receive the documents as promised by him.

"Gadkari matter is now between BJP and the party president...I have no further part to play...The issue hasn't affected my relationship with BJP," Jethmalani said.

Asked whether the silence of the three other BJP leaders Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha, whose support he claimed to have in seeking Gadkari's

resignation, he

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