Ravindra Jadeja: A king in his Neverland

Sep 15 2013, 15:31 IST
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Ravindra Jadeja Ravindra Jadeja
SummaryHe always had the Jamnagar pedigree, though not the affluence.

journey from a rundown government house to an upmarket flat at present and a sprawling under-construction bungalow in the future, Jadeja has geographically moved closer to the palace and socially to the royal tree. He also has the aura of the Jadejas, the ones from the palace. Bapu, jai mataji. Jadeja has arrived.

It is this back story that makes one understand Jadeja and the changes on a plot of land, about 25 km from Jamnagar. Three years ago, an eight-acre plot got a new owner and a fence. A sprawling modern bungalow followed, with bright-red RJ monograms, in roughly 1,000 points, painted on the sparkling white compound walls. Next to it a swimming pool was dug. All this needed upkeep and security. So a landless farmhands family of six was invited to occupy a comfortable corner in the compound. And then a couple of horses trotted in. The spindly Doberman, Rocky, had company and an experienced equine expert, the owners country cousin, had a 24-hour job. A young man, who had a deprived childhood, had his Neverland.

Jadeja is keen on a farmhouse interview and arrives in his A4 Audi, a luxury car worth a few lakhs over half-a-crore. The cars boot has a different monogram from the one on the wall. It reads Ravi, with the tail of the extra-curvy cursive R cradling the AVI in dwarfed capitals. Jadeja steps out with lips pursed to help his left hand twirl the right wing of that famous moustache. The right hand, meanwhile, acknowledges the Jai matajis from the small group of eager retainers. Rocky comes running but it is obvious that he isnt the blue-eyed pet at the farm. That status is reserved for Ganga and Kesar.

Jadejas doting elder sister, Naina, says his brother has brought home rabbits, pigeons, fish and dogs in the last few years. But these days, he is hooked to horses. Ganga and Kesar to be specific. As he lovingly pats the dark-skinned Gangas forehead, you ask: Did you have pets as a child? With a smile he replies, Apne khane ka thikana nahi tha, in logon ko kahan palta? (We didnt know where our meals were coming from, how would I have kept pets?)

He changes track quickly, points to a lone white dove flying across the field in the distant horizon. Thats where my land ends. Cotton is being grown on the last bed. The one

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