Review: HDMX Jam Plus shows why large speakers are becoming redundant

Feb 15 2014, 15:48 IST
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HDMX Jam Plus costs Rs 2,990 per piece. HDMX Jam Plus costs Rs 2,990 per piece.
SummaryTwo of Jam Plus units can pair between themselves to become a stereo system.

The writing is on the wall for large music systems and speaker sets. Actually, the pitch has been queering for this ubiquitous technology of the last many decades thanks to the mobile phone and its universe of accessories. For a couple of years now Bluetooth headphones have become the primary loudspeaker in many homes around the world. Of late, the price of these small and large audio devices has been coming down. We are now entering an interesting era with these small little devices, as they try to connect between each other to enhance your audio experience manifold.

I was a bit apprehensive trying out the HDMX Jam Plus, as I was not all that impressed by the audio quality of the HDMX Jam Party when I tested it out last year. But like all of HDMX’s devices, this one too is a design classic. It actually looks a bit like a jam jar and actually comes packed in a jar.

jam1The base and top have a rubberised finish. All functional buttons are in front and the lights behind it tell you when the device is pairing or when the battery is draining. A very functional design that shows how simple design can be very effective.

But the really interesting feature here is the fact is that two of these Jam Plus units can pair between themselves to become a stereo system of sorts. This doesn’t mean you need to buy two pieces at all times. The Jam Plus works alone too as any Bluetooth speaker. If you have just one speaker, then you need to switch the button at the base to Mono.


To play two speakers in tandem one of the devices need to set to Left and the other to Right. Switch on the speakers one after the other and they will pair within a few minutes. After this, when you search for devices to pair with from a phone, tablet or laptop, it will appear as a single device under the name Jam 2. Quite simple.

photo 3A single Jam Plus is good enough for listening to music in a small room or for amplifying the what is running on any smart device. The audio quality is pretty decent and does not jarr at high volumes like some other speakers of this device. When two of them are playing together, obviously you have better

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