Ricoh WG review: The adventure-proof camera

Jun 16 2014, 18:02 IST
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The Ricoh WG-4 is priced at Rs 20,995 The Ricoh WG-4 is priced at Rs 20,995
SummaryThe Ricoh WG-4, priced at Rs 20,995, can be a judicious choice for enterprising photographers or photo enthusiasts.

digital cameras, which is understandable given their sealing mechanisms.

The 3.0″ screen has good colour quality and viewing angles in dim light. However, despite having an anti-reflective coating, the screen’s visibility under harsh sunlight is less than satisfactory.

I can’t omit mention of its double-locked slot for battery, SD-card, data and charging ports. Meant for rough use, this is a very smart move by the manufacturers to ensure a safeguard of its vulnerable interior parts from the elements. For users like me, who tend to go overboard when shooting outdoors, this design is ideal.

The front side has six led lights around the lens panel for low light macro photography. It illuminates the subject automatically for extreme close-ups.

To put the user at ease, Ricoh has specifically mentioned the camera’s all-weather capabilities at the back, beside the LCD screen. The camera is crush-proof upto 100 kg, shockproof up to 2m, waterproof up to 14m and cold proof upto -10 degrees. With the specifications right infront of your eyes, we can be a little more careful while in our adevnture trips and experimentation.


With a 4X optical zoom in-built lens, the camera is well prepared for a difficult journey. It’s in-body countersunk lens, guards unnecessary dust particles and trickles of water from entering the device. As a result, the camera almost takes no time to get started. I thought low-light slowed it down a bit but it hardly ever took more than 1-3 seconds to focus and capture a shot. Many users frustrated by shutter and review lags in compact cameras will find this speed delightful.

With its ISO ranging from 125 to a mighty 6400, the camera’s low-light sensitivity is quite impressive. My attempts to take some fully zoomed in mood shots at a friend’s party were quite satisfactory. The camera’s back-illuminated CMOS image sensor produces some high quality images in lowlight as well as underwater.

When I got a chance to review the WG-4, I decided to try it out in one of the many swimming pools in the city. But Delhi being Delhi, clubs do not let ‘outsiders’ use their pool and have some fun! I had to do with just putting my hand inside the pool and getting a fully zoomed shot of the pool tiles. Even then, I thought with extremely fast shutter speed, the camera produced some promising under-water shots.

The camera’s 25-100mm range in 35 mm equivalent might not be a

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